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Massage Therapy for Health and Wellness

Melody at Zen Deep Massage specializes in deep tissue and sports massage coupled with meditation and relaxation techniques to improve your overall health.

Introducing your body's most powerful muscle, that you've never heard of...

Tightness in the psoas muscle can cause…

  • lower back pain
  • hip pain
  • stiffness
  • pain while walking or moving
  • trouble sleeping

Melody specializes in the release of tension in the psoas muscle, giving you GREATER MOBILITY AND CORE STRENGTH.


“Zen Therapy” is
 trigger point massage 
combined with meditation.

The client focuses on the trigger point, while taking slow, deep breaths, as the pain is magically released.

Consistently receiving 5-Star ratings, across multiple platforms.

Natalee TortoriceNatalee Tortorice
00:26 08 Sep 22
Melody is by far the best therapist I have worked with. She will massage the entire family. My kids love her and look forward to the days she works on them.
Scott IncertoScott Incerto
15:42 29 Jul 22
I have received massage therapy on a regular basis over the last 20 years, so it is with a great deal of experience that I can say that Melody is exceptional at her craft. In particular, Melody is great at understanding the treatment you are seeking and delivering on it. In fact, I would say she overdelivers in terms of the time and attention she provides. Plus, Melody is experienced enough to find and deal with problem areas that you may not even know exist. The overall experience is great and I highly recommend Melody to anyone looking for real therapy.
Hannah StahlHannah Stahl
03:55 19 May 22
I had never had a massage before, but I hurt my lower back and thought a massage could help. Melody was super responsive to my texts and able to see me same-day. She asked what I was looking to get out of the massage and explained the process, which made me feel comfortable given that it was my first massage. The massage itself was absolutely wonderful. She released the tension in my lower back, as well as a bunch of other areas I didn't even realize were tight! My lower back pain has been practically gone since I saw Melody over 24 hours ago. I am so thankful and will definitely be back!
Brittany WimbushBrittany Wimbush
15:27 15 Apr 22
Melody is the best massage therapist I've ever seen! She is thorough and really listens and addresses problem areas. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and it is very evident. I would recommend her to anyone. Whether you have a desk job, are an athlete, recovering from an injury, or just need a relaxation massage Melody will take good care of you!
Erich GeigerErich Geiger
17:38 14 Apr 22
Great massage! Hit all the points I mentioned and areas connected to get a real deep release. I’ll book again for a longer session
Colin tralongoColin tralongo
04:54 17 Feb 22
Best massage in Austin! She always knows where the pain is. I highly recommend. I’ve visited many different places and this is the best!
Steven BarracoSteven Barraco
15:04 11 Feb 22
First review I have ever done . Did not realize you have to hit the stars
Steve BarracoSteve Barraco
15:47 03 Feb 22
I met Melody at yoga. She mentioned that she was a massage therapist. I was having major upper back tightness. After 4-5 visits my back totally relaxed and I feel great. I am very happy with the results of her efforts. Steve B
Geo MGeo M
04:59 21 Sep 21
Was having lingering problems in my neck for 1.5 years , with the last half year being especially sore. Spa massages did not help. She must have figured out the issue because after only 2 sessions, my neck is much better! Yes! I will be back.
William HolmesWilliam Holmes
21:28 24 Aug 21
When traveling I always try to get a massage. I've never reviewed any massage therapist because I never noticed a difference between any of them. This one is simply outstanding in every way. Highly recommend.
Michael SheehanMichael Sheehan
21:29 03 Jul 21
If you miss getting a massage from Melody, you will regret it. I swear she has “magic hands.”Give her the opportunity and she will find and resolve every ache or pain in your body.I had a two hour massage today and my “senior”body feels as if I have been granted a new lease on life, or at least the energy and stamina to try.
Shantel FerdmanShantel Ferdman
02:31 01 Jul 21
My family has been going to Melody at Zen Deep Massage Therapy for a couple years. Melody is professional and her deep tissue massage is second to none! She works through tension and strains and offers excellent advise on self-care.
Syoma LibermanSyoma Liberman
21:04 09 Jun 21
Stepping out of my 2 hour appointment with Melody I feel like a new person. It had been years since my last massage, I needed a lot of work done and she was happy to target my specific needs. All the stress and physical strain I had accumulated was finally released and I’m officially hooked! Thank you & see you soon!
Laura BergmanLaura Bergman
19:48 16 Apr 21
Going to Zen Deep Massage was such a positive experience. Melody made scheduling very easy. She really listened to my needs, and it is clear that she genuinely cares about her clients. Not only did I feel physically better after our session, but she also made it a point to show me stretches and techniques I could practice at home to continue to work on stress points. The next morning, I woke up with my muscles feeling so much less tense and for the first time in many weeks, I did not wake up with a tension headache. I will definitely be returning. Thank you so much!
Carolyn GrantCarolyn Grant
21:54 23 Mar 21
As a physical therapist, I am often disappointed by massage as it doesn’t always target the problem areas I need it to. Not so with Melody! Her ability to target problem areas with a combination of techniques while still maintaining a relaxing atmosphere was incredible. I would highly recommend her to anyone as I believe her experience and sensitivity of touch makes her able to cater to your individual needs. I am thankful that someone took the time to recommend her to me, so I’m passing that on!
Lance PlattLance Platt
01:30 04 Mar 21
I personally have never had a massage before.Over the past few years I’ve experienced lower back pain, a twinge in my lower back that was gut wrenching and made it difficult to do everyday activities. It would come and go, work itself out, and come back over time. I’ve had several adjustments over the years that have seemed to help a little bit but never truly stopped the pain in its track.After conversing with my Fiancé I decided to give massage therapy a try.Given that I have never had one before I was rather skeptical and nervous at the same time.I was very time limited with my crazy work schedule, and was able to get squeezed in by Melody last minute due to a previous cancellation.She was extremely easy to work with, did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. Was courteous and respectful of my personal space.And most importantly, she listened!Melody was able to provide me with a massage that far exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by the sheer relief I felt at the end.After the massage was finished, I had expressed to Melody that I was still hurting on my lower back, and requested another session when she was available again.Instead of running me around and waiting for another session, she had me get back up right then and there, and located the spot that was giving me grief. She worked it out in under 5 minutes and provided lasting relief! (Three days later and still no pain).Not only that she also explained to me in detail how to self treat if it comes back and was extremely helpful and caring!All in all, I would say 11/10 for my first ever massage experience. I will definitely be back in the future!Thanks Melody!
Kristopher KellyKristopher Kelly
01:37 19 Jan 21
Amazing massage - perfect deep pressure, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. When we would get to a troublesome spot, she would really focus on it. She even gave me exercises to do at home to help with some specific issues I was having, and recommended some supplements. Highly recommended ! Thank you.


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